Alexandra Jones


Born in Indianapolis, IN, Alexandra Jones began dancing at Butler University’s Jordan Academy of Dance, and continued her training at the Indianapolis School of Ballet. In May 2021, Alexandra graduated from Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music with a Bachelor of Science in Music (Ballet) under the direction of Sarah Wroth, Carla Körbes, Sasha Janes, Kyra Nichols, Michael Vernon and Christian Claessens. She was a 4-year recipient of the Hudson & Holland Scholarship, Music Faculty Award, Premier Young Talent Scholarship, and the Carmack OEM Music Scholarship.

While pursuing her B.S. Degree she also received an Outside Field in Kinesiology, a Minor in Psychology, and became a Nationally Registered & Certified EMT. Some of her repertoire at IU includes; Wheeldon’s Carousel: A Dance, Tudor’s Dark Elegies, Balanchine’s Walpurgisnacht, Robbins’ The Concert, Balanchine’s Emeralds (1st Variation), and Forsythe’s In The Middle Somewhat Elevated (Excerpt). Alexandra is excited to be returning to FBP for her second season. For her full bio visit —